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LC Wedding Reflections is a digital media business located in Jackson TN specializing in the filming and photographing of weddings. All of our photographers and videographers have or are getting there college degrees in their respective fields. Our goal as a company is to take your wedding and create a beautiful “reflection” of it through photos and video so that you’ll always have something to take you back to that special day. We want to go above and beyond your expectations and be known as the premier wedding videography and photography business in Jackson TN. Finally we want to provide the highest standard of service at a price that anyone can afford.


Simply taking pictures isn't photography. Photography is an art in which an entire masterpiece is created in less than a second. At Lynn&Coleman we have the most talented photographers in Jackson TN. During your wedding our photographers will take between 500-1000 photos and yet you’ll hardly notice they were even there. We can then print portraits, create albums or compile a cd with all of your professionally edited photos.

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Much like taking photos, videography is an art in and of itself. In fact filming a wedding is one of the most difficult and abused jobs. When a wedding is taking place, the camera must be rolling at all times. Every moment is priceless for those involved. A shaky hand or unfocused shot can spell disaster. Our videographers are professionals and fully understand everything required for an amazing wedding video and we use the industries most advanced video cameras. After the wedding is over, we will carefully edit the footage and you will recieve a number of dvd’s depending on the package you have chosen.

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